Chade-Meng Tan on GlobalLeadership.TV

Chade-Meng Tan: How Google Discovered Mindfulness

Chade-Meng Tan, Google engineer and the pioneer of their widely-successful mindfulness program, discusses with Walter Link the business benefits of

Peter Bostelmann - GlobalLeadership.TV

Peter Bostelmann: How Mindfulness Supports Global Technology

Meet SAP's Global Director of Mindfulness, whose programs in mindfulness & emotional intelligence support innovation in global technology and are transforming

Guilherme Leal - GlobalLeadership.TV

Guilherme Leal: Co-Creating Sustainable Economies

Meet the founder of one of Brazil's most sustainable companies, Natura, who joins with other progressive business leaders to develop

Scilla Elworthy - GlobalLeadership.TV

Scilla Elworthy: Part 1 – The Heart of Peace

Discover the core challenges & opportunities in making peace actually work with Nobel Peace Prize nominee & founder of the

Peter Senge - GlobalLeadership.TV

Peter Senge: The Heart of Transformation

Meet M.I.T. professor and one of the world’s most respected leadership experts whose personal path includes daily Buddhist meditation. Quoting

Leontino Balbo - GlobalLeadership.TV

Leontino Balbo: Listening to Nature Sustainablizes Big Agriculture

Meet Leontino Balbo, a business leader whose extraordinary connection to nature leads to a re-invention of large-scale agriculture with the

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman - GlobalLeadership.TV

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman: The Heart of Change

Learn why change experts John Kotter and Nancy Dearman advise that feelings are as important as thinking in bringing about meaningful change. Transcript -

Otto Scharmer - GlobalLeadership.TV

Otto Scharmer: Leading From the Emerging Future

An inside perspective from the M.I.T professor who co-founded Theory U and co-creates its worldwide application. Transcript - Otto Scharmer:

Marina Silva GlobalLeadership.TV

Marina Silva: 20 Million Votes for a Sustainable Brazil!

Growing up illiterate amidst the forest and indigenous wisdom, Marina Silva earned a PhD, became a union leader, senator, minister


John & Doris Naisbitt: The Heart of Megatrends and China’s Innovation

Discover the human story behind China’s rapid rise and the key to being successful in Chinese business, as well as

Isabel-Allende - GlobalLeadership.TV

Isabel Allende: The Heart of Creativity

Behind her many books there is the personal story of her activism and her creative process, the death of her

Joseph Jaworski - GlobalLeadership.TV

Joseph Jaworski – Part 1: The Heart of Synchronicity

Discover how former Shell head of scenario planning is helping leaders to discover the source of creativity and innovation. Transcript - Joseph

Ram Dass - GlobalLeadership.TV

Ram Dass – Part 1 Karma Yoga: The Path of Action

Meet Ram Dass, former Harvard professor and one of America’s seminal spiritual teachers, to explore how we can integrate spirituality

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Peter Blom: The Heart of Sustainable Banking

Meet the CEO of Europe’s leading sustainability bank and the co-founder of the Global Banking Alliance for Banking & Values.

Rhonda Magee - GlobalLeadership.TV

Rhonda Magee: Integrating Law, Equality & Mindfulness

Meet Professor Rhonda Magee, a law professor and veteran of the US armed forces who is using mindfulness to humanize

Matt Westendorf: GlobalLeadership.TV

Matt Westendorf: Fierce Compassion Creates Change

Learn how STAND, formerly ForestEthics, used fierce compassion to challenge and collaborate with large corporations to change their destructive policies, helping to