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GLTV’s founder and host, Walter Link about its mission. For transcript, click here.


How do we move from our many challenges into our full potential as human beings, organizations and whole societies? Join GLTV’s host Walter Link in his in-depth dialogues with some of the world’s most innovative leaders in civil society, politics and business.


They and their organizations are role models for how to make the world a better place – more humane and sustainable, creative and effective. But who are they, really? What is the secret behind their impact?


We invite you to listen to the stories behind their stories, which many have never told in public. Brazil’s presidential candidate Marina Silva called her’s a soul dialogue.


At a time when complexity and the speed of change are ever increasing, taking time to listen and inquire deeply is not a luxury, but a necessity to bring about meaningful innovation and effective implementation.


In all their diversity, the innovators featured on GlobalLeadership.TV all recognize that each of us has to find our very own way to source transformation.


Their paths included being wide open to life, working with diverse spiritual and psychological practices, trying to live real relationship, connecting deeply to nature and integrating mindfulness into concrete action that serves the world.


Therefore GLTV also offers the kind of mindful innovation and leadership practices that helped these leaders and their organizations to move from initial inspiration to sustainable change.


Our initial practice offering will evolve into full degree programs. And we are also developing a new form of multimedia e-books to further flesh out core themes of meaningful innovation and sustainable leadership.


We hope that all of these offerings can become stepping stones for your very own inquiry and leadership towards sustainable change.


GlobalLeadership.TV is a project of the Global Academy Foundation, which for the past 30 years has been serving meaningful innovation in diverse sectors across the world.


GlobalLeadership.TV’s Co-Production Team:


GLTV was born out of the friendship of three innovators in the fields of media and entrepreneurship, personal and societal transformation: Walter Link, Christina Carvalho Pinto and Wim Beijderwellen. They were joined by Aya Okawa in 2013. From their diverse perspectives working across Asia and Europe, South and North America they wanted to set a counterpoint to a media environment that gets ever faster, louder and superficial and as a result misses important aspects of global diversity, personal subtlety and the resulting complexity that underlies meaningful innovation and sustainable leadership.