The Importance of Art & Beauty to Sustainability

Helio Mattar, Brazil’s former General Electric CEO and Vice Minister of Commerce left business and politics to transform our perspectives on consumerism. In dialogue with Walter Link, Mattar discusses the importance of emotions and appreciation of beauty to leadership and sustainability, …

Peter Senge: Prioritizing Personal Transformation to Solve Global Crises

With climate change, environmental devastation and a multitude of geo-political concerns, global crises demand our urgent attention. But if we continue to do business as usual, using our old paradigms to guide our actions, how can we develop innovative solutions that …

Marina Silva: How Nature’s Parables Taught Her Leadership

Leontino Balbo: GlobalLeadership.TV

How Leontino Balbo gained 30% of the world’s organic sugar market by listening to nature

Leontino Balbo revolutionizes agriculture in the way he produces 30% of the world’s organic cane sugar, enhancing also bio-diversity and social conditions. His childhood reminds us of Kipling’s ‘Mowgli’, fishing in streams, disappearing for long days into the jungle and marshes, …

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