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Scilla Elworthy on How to Break Cycles of Violence

Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Scilla Elworthy has spent decades working in peace-making. Founder of the Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct, Scilla also advised Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Peter Gabriel & Sir Richard Branson in establishing ‘The Elders’, a group of …

Thais Corral: We Go Far Because We Go Together

Global social entrepreneur Thais Corral has played key roles in the women’s movement and the global leadership movement for decades. Now, as founder of SINAL & Vista Allegre, she transitions her social entrepreneurship to focus on local projects in Brazil, with …

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman - GlobalLeadership.TV

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman: Why change starts with ALL of us

John Kotter & Nancy Dearman, change experts & Kotter International co-founders, have spent decades studying the processes of change and leadership in companies, organizations and societies. A professor at Harvard Business School and author of numerous best-selling leadership books, Kotter’s 8 …

John Naisbitt - GlobalLeadership.TV

John Naisbitt on the Importance of Diversity for Innovation

Megatrends authors John & Doris Naisbitt have had their thumbs on the pulse of global trends for decades. In an in-depth dialogue with Walter Link in GlobalLeadership.TV’s ‘The Heart of Megatrends & China’s Innovation’, Naisbitt discusses the connection between diversity and …

Peter Senge: Prioritizing Personal Transformation to Solve Global Crises

With climate change, environmental devastation and a multitude of geo-political concerns, global crises demand our urgent attention. But if we continue to do business as usual, using our old paradigms to guide our actions, how can we develop innovative solutions that …

Marina Silva: How Nature’s Parables Taught Her Leadership

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