These leadership and mindfulness practices have helped many innovation leaders to create real change in themselves, their organizations and the world. We hope they help you, too.


Practices Area Introduction

Host Walter Link introduces GLTV’s approach to mindful leadership and innovation, guided meditation and being in nature practices.

Mindful Listening 3 x 3

Listening deeply to ourselves and the world helps us to innovate, relate and develop. Explore with detailed instructions (12 min)

Ice Globe

Inner Critic 3 x 3 (Voice of Judgment)

Overcome one of the biggest challenges to innovation and leadership, diversity and co-creation. Part II: What is Impacted by the

Mindful Feedback 3 x 3

Develop the crucial art and craft of giving & receiving feedback. Part I (11 min) Part II: Negative Feedback Part

Head, Heart & Body Meditation

A guided meditation into our 3 Centers, which are important to diverse inner work traditions. (20 min guided meditation)  

Nature Meditation GlobalLeadership.TV

Silent Meditation

Minimal instructions invite you into a classical silent sitting meditation, focusing on your breath in the belly (10 min and

Contemplating Important Questions 3×3

Using mindfulness and curiosity to contemplate important questions of life and work – on strategy and relationships, innovation and meaning. (10 min)

Mindful Workplace Communication

Support yourself with a short meditation before you enter an important meeting, call, e-mail or other communication. (5 min)

Water flowing Meditation GlobalLeadership.TV

Listening to Water Meditation

Connect deeply to nature and yourself with this guided meditation on flowing water. (10 min)

Meditation Practice GlobalLeadership.TV

Oneness of Being in Nature

Using mindful listening and seeing in nature to open experientially into what subatomic physics and spiritual traditions describe as Interbeing

Sprout GlobalLeadership.TV

Source Sustainability by Connecting to Nature

Nature can nourish, inspire and strengthen us so that we can better serve it and humanity.

Mindful Standing & Walking Meditation in Nature

Connect deeply to nature and yourself with this guided Standing & Walking meditation. (10 min)